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Other People

At present Laurence is the only staff member but his extensive network of good people can provide specialist advice or services if you need them. This means we can offer services even for larger orchards.

Augustus doesn’t do home visits at this time.

Laurence Green

Laurence spent over 7 years establishing Orchard Origins at Herefordshire Wildlife Trust before setting up the Orchard Tamers. He has delivered training to groups and individuals around the UK, from Care Farms to conservation groups and gardening clubs as well as speaking at conferences and of course in people’s gardens and orchards. He has designed, planted, restored and maintained a lot (!) of trees and orchards, forming relationships with people and places which have given him a real understanding and empathy for the long-term nature of looking after orchards and wildlife friendly gardens. Prior to that he worked in social enterprise, charity consultancy and in telecoms, all of which followed a slightly lucky degree in Biology at York University. This varied background has produced a unique perspective and an ability to focus on the things which matter most to each customer.
When he isn’t looking after other people’s orchards and gardens he tends and enjoys an acre of extremely steep Worcestershire woodland garden, 3 cats and a strong willed daughter. His small orchard came with the house and is frankly an embarrassment. This shouldn’t put you off.

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